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Saha Coffee and Fruit Bar is a healthy café and juice bar in Pekan Banting, Malaysia, that serves both Malaysian local food, traditional Malaysian food and Western food. Our menu boasts of extensive choices of traditional Malaysian food consisting of refreshing drinks and tasty meals, such as healthy fruit juices, a variety of freshly brewed coffee, local Malaysian food such as fried rice and nasi lemak and western food such as grilled salmon, grilled chicken, salads, sandwiches and a variety of pasta.

Founded in February 2010, Saha was founded by Mr Yap Liong Boon and Dato' Nordin bin Selamat. Both experienced in property development and a burning passion for good traditional Malaysian food. Mr. Yap and Dato Nordin founded Saha with the aim of providing delicious Malaysia local and western food and refreshing drinks for any occasion in a pleasing and cosy café and juice bar-style environment in Malaysia.

If you are a coffee lover, you will enjoy our signature, freshly brewed coffee and cappucinos. Our coffee beans are specially imported directly from Brazil and are grounded to perfection, producing such flavour and aroma that will tantilize your taste buds. Alternatively, you can also enjoy our healthy, freshly squeezed fruit juices from our juice bar. Rich in fiber and vitamins, our fruit juices rejuvenates skin, great for detoxification, helps with weight loss and most importantly, tastes great.

For those of you that have a craving for Malaysian local food, we recommend trying our signature Saha Nasi Lemak and Special Saha Kampung Fried Rice. If you feel like having western food, try our grilled salmon with linguini, grilled chicken with garlic and ginger, tuna with cheese sandwich, Greek tossed salad or our famed fettuchini chili with grilled chicken. Saha cooks are highly experienced in preparing both Western and local Malaysian dishes. We also choose the best ingredients to create our dishes, selecting only the best cuts and the freshest vegetables. In Saha, we take pride in our brand and recognition, hence we make sure that every dish that leaves the kitchen to our customer's table meet a high level of standard. To improve the quality and selection of our food and beverages, we listen to our customers closely and welcome any feedback that helps us improve our service.

Saha provides great value for money by serving tasty, wholesome, 5-star Western and Malaysian local food that is easy on your wallet. To cater for the working crowd we provide Everyday Set Promotion every day during lunch hours. At weekends, take a break from shopping and enjoy our weekend Set Meal Promotion at affordable prices.

At Saha we strive to provide you with the best Western and traditional Malaysian food with local dining environment. Our restaurant is clean, cosy and designed to be aesthetically pleasing and suited for fine dining, providing you with comfort and pleasant café-style atmosphere while enjoying great food. Our waiters are at your beck and call, providing excellent service with a smile.

If you are searching for a restaurant in Malaysia that serves delicious Western and local Malaysian food or looking for a good café and juice bar to hang out and sip freshly brewed coffee or drink tasty fruit juice, call us and make a reservation and we will attend to you as soon as we can. At Saha we will guarantee you a dining experience like no other.

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